Like anything, anywhere. Instantly

We are building an online social app that lets you stay on top of and enjoy anything that your friends find interesting, good, likable, cool, irresistible and noteworthy, or things they just liked for no reason. Of course, it's also a way for you to tell your friends what you like.

As our project inches forward, our progress towards alpha is getting harder to deny. But no alpha can be complete without users, so we are now looking for patient early adopters, perceptive usability buffs, and savvy technorati who can play with our app, provide brutally honest feedback, and tell us that we suck (and why).

Here are the rules:)

- You must have taste and not be afraid to tell the world what it is you enjoy in life.
- It's preferable that you have friends. If you have no friends, follow @justliked and we'll hook you up with some.
- It's preferable that you are not related to or are friends with either of the founders so as to allow yourself to lash out against our vision without fear of breaking the bonds of friendship or family.

Yours truly,
JustLiked Team